New site, New opportunities

Same same, but different.

For the past years, I have used the same website provider, and they have served me well during this time. They have very good customer support, an exceptionally easy to use web editor, and the websites created was highly optimized for image portfolios, so why did I decide to change the provider?


The simple answer is that Subsurface photo has outgrown the provider. The previous provider was simple but limited. I have spent the last month creating this new website with a new provider that offers more flexibility and better integration with 3rd party services.

But even if the site is new, I can promise you that the core of the site will be the same, great, engaging and beautiful underwater photos, but I will also provide information, stories, tips and tricks and much more diving and photo related content in this blog.

Safe diving and happy bubbles!
Joakim Boneng